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Everything founders need to get serious about scaling their company's growth and raising capital.

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Fractional CXO Services

Whether you're starting a new business, or scaling an existing one, a Fractional CXO will be available to meet your needs as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, or Chief Strategy Officer. Our Fractional CXO services are fulfilled by senior Venturitas consultants who've been in your shoes before and know how best to help senior management of companies big and small scale your effectively.

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Access to a team of advisors

In addition to your Fractional CXO, a team of Venturitas experts will be available for discretely soliciting feedback, participating in on-going issue discussion, reviewing ideas and opportunities, and advising on board and investor matters via phone, email, or chat. You will also have access to help with:

  • Equity Management
  • Options Management
  • Cap Table Modeling
  • 409A Valuation
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