VC & Private equity portfolio management

Helping startup investors monitor, manage & scale the companies they fund.

We are industry leaders and subject matter experts advising startup investors on increasing the likelihood of a successful exit.


    The experience you need,
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  • C-Level Executives

    Who better to understand the intricacies and nuances of your portfolio company's performance than a c-level executive who knows what to look for.

  • Senior Managers

    Managers ensure a business functions like clockwork. We have some of the best former managers on staff to keep your portfolio companies on course.

  • Seasoned Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs are a special breed and know what it's like to chance everything on an idea. Put some of the most successful entrepreneurs to work their magic.

VC Firms

US-based startup and high-growth business investors and fund managers with less than $250 million AUM.

Buyout Groups

Small and mid-cap LBO groups and business investor clubs acquiring established businesses.

Family Offices

Wealth managers serving high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth families from around the world.

Angel Investors

Individual accredited investors and professional syndicates with fewer than 200 active members.

A billion dollar problem

Savvy investors conduct a tremendous amount of due diligence and know everything about a company before acquiring it and assuming ownership. However, after the first 100-days, even savvy investors fall back to monthly or quarterly communications. This set-it-and-forget-it mentality is dangerous; and costs investors billions. Our Advisory solves this problem; download our White Paper to see how.

Our mission is to increase the likelihood and frequency of a successful exit, while broadening transparency on long-term portfolio trajectory.


Going above and beyond ISS

We are not unlike a proxy advisory firm (i.e. Shareholder Services, or “ISS”) working directly for hedge funds, mutual fund and similar organizations who pay ISS to advise regarding shareholder vote issues. Our business model makes sense because the cost to hire us is much less than the cost of a failed investment. We provide VCs and LPs peace of mind.

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  • Startup Companies

    Running a high-growth, venture-backed company is never as easy as it seems. Our seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts know this and know the nuances involved in running a startup and know what to overcome unexpected challenges. We help investors know exactly what's happening, at any given moment, within their investment.

  • Small Businesses

    There's nothing small about small business. Running a business, of any size, takes hard work and determination. Our advisers know this because many of them are business owners themselves. Their experience is invaluable to investors and can provide much needed insight into the true value of the business, its assets, and improvement demands.

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